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California Legal and Government Resources
Legislature home page.
Bill information -initiatives, referenda, committee reports, amendments, digests, roll calls, daily bill status and topical index.
Contains full text of bill before the legislature. Key word searching is available.

Revised Code of Washington (RCW)
Full text of the current Washington code. Search by title, chapter or keyword.

Washington Administrative Code
Full text of the current Washington code. Search by title, chapter or keyword

Washington State Register
Includes proposed, emergency, and adopted rules, executive orders, etc.

County, City and Municipal Codes

Washington Attorney General Opinions
Contains Attorney General opinions.

Washington Growth Management Hearings Board Decisions
Contains Growth Management Hearings Board decisions from 1992 to present.

Washington State Courts
Comprehensive site for general court information, court rules, and selected forms.
Reporter of Decisions style sheet
Recent Supreme and Appellate Court opinions.
Supreme and Appellate Court Decisions
Caution: This is an unofficial database that does not mirror the report of the opinions in the official reports.
Oral arguments of the Supreme Court

Washington State Law Library
Legal research guides prepared by the Law Library.

Washington State Bar Association
Consumer pamphlets and self-help guides.

Technical Support Hotline

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