Business Coaching and Consulting

Business Coaching and Consulting

Why have a business coach and consultant? Everyone needs a little motivation and a “pocket” lawyer at some point in his or her business dealings. We help our clients look at the opportunities, liability, and possibilities. Where do you want to be over the next few years? If you are not reaching your business and professional goals, what is holding you back? We hear all of the excuses:

  • Attorneys cost too much
  • I am too busy right now
  • I do not know what to do (so I do nothing)
  • Just as soon as . . .
  • Let that S.O.B. try to get money from me
  • It is not the money; it is the principle
  • My employees are like family to me, they would never sue me
  • I am owed money but I do not know how to collect it
  • They will not return my calls
  • I am owed money, but I do not believe in suing
  • I do not want to offend my customer (or employee)
  • That will not happen to me . . .

    In reality, there are many ways to move your business and professional life forward without being bogged down in lawsuits or the fear of lawsuits. Effective procedures to encourage open communication stop disputes before they escalate into litigation. Keep in mind, we have a legal system, not a justice system. A good coach and consultant can help you turn your conflict into opportunities instead of problems. Most conflict is merely a difference of perception that should be embraced and nurtured instead of stymied. Our coaches and consultants help you set realistic goals and motivate you to reach your peak performance.

    We serve as your “pocket lawyer” for the tough legal decisions. What is LPM’s “pocket lawyer”? Simply, put, we are there when you need us to talk through the “what if’s,” give you sound legal and business advice, and to be your “counselor” at law. We serve as an adjunct to your in-house counsel and lawyers because we ask them the tough questions and demand answers. We are the “agents of reality” for cost-effective resolutions. In short, we do not care who gets credit for the solutions because we get results.



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