Coaching and Consulting

WHY USE LPM AS A COACH OR CONSULTANT? Consider the following:

Wouldn’t it be nice to talk with somebody who actually listens to you?

Have you ever wish that you had somebody to bounce ideas off without feeling defensive or foolish?

Would you like to “communicate and talk” with somebody instead of having conversations end in arguments?

Is confidentiality and privacy important to you?

Are you looking for a second opinion on major decisions?

Would you like to learn how to stop disputes with three simple words?

Would you like to turn negative/reactionary attitudes into proactive results?

Are you having trouble getting motivated or reaching your goals?

Are you constantly embroiled in lawsuits or disputes?

Are you tired of paying high attorney fees just to end up settling the disputes at the last minute?

Do you feel like your attorney should be working for the other side because all you hear is how your case sucks and why the other side will probably prevail?

Have you ever just wanted to do what was “right” and “just” without the hassle?

Are you frozen in place because you do not know what to do next?

Are you afraid of taking that next step for whatever reason?

Are you frustrated by your own actions or inaction?

Are you frustrated by someone else’s actions or inaction?

Do you feel confused and frustrated with life in general and/or your career?

Would you like to resolve disputes and conflict without feeling like a failure, compromiser, or whimp?

Are you afraid to change your perception or decision for fear of the outcome?

Are you afraid to ‘give an inch” or change your decision for fear of looking weak?

Do you have an opinionated and a “know-it-all” type of personality?

Do you get mad at yourself for “giving in” or doing what other people want instead of what you want to do?

Does everybody else have an opinion on “what is best for you” or “what you should or should not have done” during divorce, business or other sensitive issues?

Have you ever made decisions only to second-guess yourself afterwards?

Everybody needs a little motivation and consultation now and then to help move to the next level whether it is in life, business, spiritual matters, or disputes. We served as “agents of reality” regarding expectations, likely outcomes, devil’s advocate positions, and alternatives to maximize results. We are qualified professionals that maintain strict confidentiality, and understand that sometimes it is easier to talk with a “compassionate” stranger than family. We also understand that “compassionate” does not equate with telling you what you want to hear; rather, compassionate equates with our realistic, well thought out advice and information to help you move forward. We collaborate with you so that you have a full understanding of the issues so that you see “opportunity” instead of “hurdles” when you explore your options.




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