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LPM provides a variety of training programs all geared toward effective communication and helping corporations embrace internal conflict and disputes as an opportunity for growth. LPM’s various mediation and skill-building programs have been offered at Chapman University - School of Law; University of California, Irvine; Whittier College - School of Law; County of Orange; State of California; Georgia Pacific; Johnson Controls, Inc. and many other organizations. Although we have included We provide customized, energized, dynamic workshops geared toward YOUR needs including:

Effective Leadership / Effective Listening / Successful Communication / Diversity /Workplace Violence Prevention / Mediation / Arbitration / Effective Meetings / Team-Building / Empowerment / Effective Sales & Negotiations / Motivation / Conflict Management / Goal Setting / Turning Reactive Attitudes into Proactive Results/ Visualization techniques to achieve goals.

Partial list of workshop content:

Table of Contents for Seminars and Workshops:




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